User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is a free service that helps you defend your links from inconvenient individuals or automatic robots with security like captcha and positive identification. we'll convert your links to direct links which will act as autoforwarders to your original links. additionally, we have a tendency to optionally offer you with the flexibility to restricted access to those direct links with a CAPTCHA or/and positive identification. This protection can seem on a protected page. we have a tendency to conjointly give you the chance to shorten a protracted web site address.
The easiest and commonest thanks to protected links through our service is to travel to our main page (home page), input your links within the text space (box) and press the "Protect your links" button. this can generate a results page wherever many outputs are going to be listed, like generated protected links, direct links and take away links. attend 'Advanced Options' on (home page) to line your settings before submitting.
You can delete protected link with distinctive removal id, that you simply get once shield computer address on website (result page). additionally you'll delete protected links from your account "Manage Links" section.
A direct link could be a straightforward forwarder to the initial link you've got inputted (using a protocol redirection). Those direct links don't have any protection system. they're absolutely compatible with any transfer managers. A protected link can purpose to a security page wherever a CAPTCHA or a positive identification type can get displayed and needed to be completed so as to access direct/live links (original links) listing.
Yes, you'll use our service while not making any account on website.
A personal account can permit you to manage the protected links you produce on our website. you'll be able to edit, duplicate and delete them. See your complete protected links history. with a advance search feature. you'll search your submitted links with protected computer address or original computer filename.
All you wish to try to to is solely click on the 'Register' button. you'll be prompted by a dialog asking you for a username associate degreed an e-mail address from there, a positive identification are going to be sent to your e-mail address with activation code and you'll be able to start once activate your account.
Just click on the 'Forgot Password' link at the highest right of the screen. you'll be prompted by atiny low dialog and every one you wish to try to to is enter correct email address and submit... check our mail on inbox to recover your username or positive identification.
If area unit|you're} holder of associate degree belongings right otherwise you are associate degree agent of such, and you're feeling that a keeplinks.me violates this right, you'll send U.S.A. a DMCA report by victimisation the 'Contact Us' button. we tend to make certain to handle these reports the fastest doable. you furthermore mght U.S.A.e contact us to report links inform to dangerous materials (virus) - illegitimate porno or something accustomed cause hurt to our users.
If you continue to have queries concerning our service please do not hesitate to contact U.S.A. victimisation our page