Privacy Policy

9xurl.club's policy is to respect and shield the privacy of our users. we have a tendency to at 9xurl.club respect your personal privacy. All data collected at 9xurl.club is unbroken confidential and can not be sold , resued, or rented in any method. we have a tendency to don't share your infromation with any third parties..

IP Addresses:

IP addresses ar saved by 9xurl.club to make sure account safety options handiness, activity usage and statistics.

Email Addresses:

We collect email addresses of users at the time of registration as means that of contact and verification. 9xurl.club doesn't rent, sell, or share your email addresses with anyone.

Your account username and password:

Please note that it's your responsibility to stay the login username and positive identification confidential, thus don't share it with anyone. If you employ a public computer, certify you sign off before going away 9xurl.club site. you're entirely accountable for keeping your user/password inviolable.

Certain Exceptional Disclosures:

Generally we do not disclose our personal information.when it is needed or if the information relates to actual or threatened harmful conduct or vulnerable harmful conduct or potential threats to the physical safety of a person. The speech act of non-public data could also be needed by court or enforcement officers.

Use of Cookies:

9xurl.club saves cookies to ensure that we are collecting information of the user and the result that user is getting from our website. Also for improving over quality and services we use cookies.A cookies is a alphanumeric encrypted keys, that are created when the user visit any web page that support cookies authentication and sessions. Cookies are saved for the specific time then it will get expires. That cookies data does not contain any login info but it just contain a string value. Additionally, we also use cookies for verifying the authentication of user during logging in to account on the website, as well as thatauthentication key is stored on your local computer. We never share your cookies with anyone or any other company for your privacy and our policies. If you dont want to enable cookies you can simply cancle the cookies pop up tab when you visit any web page.